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So far so good

I’ve read a lot of reviews that wasn’t good but decided to try it anyway and so far I’ve had problems and I really enjoy!!! Update: worked for a day but now doesn’t actually send updates. Will randomly and doesn’t show when my team competes. Really was rooting for this app. Hope they actually get this working cause I love seeing the placements for teams during comps.

Don’t waste your money

Sorry I spent money on this app. Results are faster on Twitter. Basically it is just a sucky app!

It’s okay but very minimum

Should definitely add results and lower levels I feel like more people would buy and I would have paid $10 if it were to have results and lower levels !!!

could be great, needs major improvement

this could be an amazing app for updates on cheer but it glitches too much! this app needs a major update improving its bugs and maybe it will be five stars.

App crashes upon opening

Please patch this app. It crashes every time I try to open it.

a little confusing

okay so i’m just a little confused as to what all the abbreviations mean. i get the PYRBB would be pyramid bobble but what is BB and AB and AF etc??

App Problems

I used to love this app but now it is not working at all. As soon as I open the app it closes immediately. I’ve tried updating but there isn’t anymore updates currently and I’m still having this problem.


Immediately closes when trying to open app

Closes down

Closed down as soon as I try to open it

No updates are working with my phone

I love this app don’t get me wrong but it’s now the beginning of cheer season and the app won’t open it immediately closes

Not letting me register

I just paid for the app and it’s not letting me register. So now i can’t see scores and I wasted my $2.


I guess this is better than nothing since the maker of this app blocked me and many others on Twitter for no reason. He cannot take an ounce of constructive criticism and is very unprofessional so this review will likely be to no avail. Not updated as quickly or accurately as the Twitter page, yet costs actual money. Looks certainly aren’t there either. Could use serious improvements.

OUTDATED & Does NOT work


Negative attention @cheerUPDATES

Being such a regular and prominent cheer news resource on twitter, I thought this app would slay. 👎👎👎 The app seems to be rushed to market too quickly and should've been free. It needs ALOT more developing on how it provide users with updated cheer information. Hope they get it together. #potential

Not worth the purchase

Updates are very slow and what you receive isn't useful. You will get better updates from the social media apps. I don't recommend

It's okay

When they finally did put something on there it would say no score.It also would be very late if they preformed at 11 it wouldn't be up for another 2+ hours.NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

Where are the score updates

This is a complete waste of $2! You post to twitter before updating the app you had people paying for and you still don't have scores listed after 16 hours WTH!

Not worth having

The app freezes regularly and the data is not updated I a reasonable amount of time. In theory it'd be nice to see results by division, but that would require the data being added to the app. Don't waste your time or money. Just follow them on Twitter.

Not worth $5, even for level 5

After 12 years involved in competition cheer, I'm used to everything being overpriced, so I expected nothing different for this app. Nonetheless, My kid is senior 5 so I thought this app might be helpful. WOMP. "Cheer Update" my aunt fanny. If "staff" isn't at your event, they don't update. If they don't see the score sheets, they don't update. Lol And Derric you're dead wrong for taking these level 1-4 parents money knowing you weren't going to include their kids results. Do the right thing and refund them.

Could be good

Good thought for an app but no follow through. Second day scores are not posted most of the time and bids are not even updated.


I was hoping this app would allow me to stay up to date on scores and standings but it does not work at all and was a waste of money. @cheerupdates don't promote an app that does not work.

Very Disappointed

Bought this app because I was hoping to see at least all level 5 updates but was sadly disappointed when our own team received an at-large bid in February & it's still not listed on here. Then to be disappointed again when the world comps that we attend are not listed either. Would not recommend this app to anyone. Your better off to follow twitter or Road to Worlds.

need more updates

great app just need to update new bids and fix the add favorite team.

Only Worlds Teams

Paid for this app and it doesn't even list Summit team scores. There are categories for them, but no scores or placements!! Very disappointed!!

Fire the person who updates app!

Set up is great, however it is NEVER EVER UPDATED! An app with "Update" it's its name and is never updated with information. Whoever is hired to oversee this social media app needs to be fired and forced to payback the company any money they were paid to do the job. Infuriates me every time I try to use it. One of the worst apps ever and I don't know why the company hasn't done anything about it yet. HORRIBLE!

Useless app

Why pay $4.99 when you never update with scores and results? For such an "insider" of the cheer world, you sure seem to be influenced by what you post and for who! You should be unbiased and post all scores regardless of certain gyms ask you not to! As a parent, we pay a ton of money for cheer. It's one thing when the gym doesn't share the results with members or athletes... it's another when you are suppose to be the voice of cheer for the common folk to get information. Get it together Cheer Updates!


I would not recommend this app even if it was free… Not unless they decide to update a lot of things. The only divisions that show anything are level 5. And it's not even in real time. You can follow cheer updates on Twitter and get the exact same thing for free. What bothers me the most is that to cheer updates doesn't even use the current detection system. They still use athlete bobbles and building bubbles like they exist…they are not even deductions anymore. They are taken off of technique. So not only is it inaccurate, you also only get level 5, and no final scores/standings. This makes me sad because this could be a really great app!

Won't load

Paid $5 for this and it freezes as soon as I click level 5. Doesn't load. Complete waste of money. Don't purchase.

Doesn't update

Hours after the comp and still no scores on the app that I paid for but there are scores on Twitter? Waste of money

Waste of Money

The app is never updated! I want my money back.


Downloaded the app for NCA-safe to say I'm glad I only paid $1.99 instead of $4.99!! The app sends notifications but doesn't load when you go to check them. Very disappointed.

Please help

It's not letting me open it:(

Wasted $$$

Bought it specifically for NCA since they were going to cover the arena. Information from this weekend is missing. Reinstalled app as suggested. Still missing. Deleting the app.


yeah i have a problem with the fact that it only covers level 4+, but the most annoying thing is that the app freezes all the time!!!! i have to close and reopen the app multiple times while using it. so glad i only paid the $1.99 special for nca weekend bc i wouldn't have bought the app otherwise

Waste of money

This app is honestly a waste of money. Don't spend a penny on this app when you can simply be updated of your favorite teams on Twitter. Not only is it pointless, but they're bad at keeping up with posting scores, and they are inaccurate with routine falls.

Needs work, doesn't post scores

Downloaded this app for cheersport last week and was glad it was only $1.99 because it's not even worth that. The concept of an app that updates cheer scores even close to real time is good, but this app doesn't do it. Only updated level 5 teams for day 1, never even posted Day 2 scores for level 5 teams! No other level scores posted at all. It also doesn't let you view scores after the comp is over and they stop covering it "live." Get it together CheerUpdates and post all scores or make this app free because it's unfair to charge for something useless!

Don't but

Doesn't give updates

Waste of money

I am requesting my money be refunded for this app why would you only post level 4 and up!!


So disappointed!! The app shows a team in 9th place at NCA, they are actually in 4th!! Do not waste your money!

Don't waste your $

You should clearly define that you will only include level 5 teams on the app. I only purchased with the understanding you would cover ALL levels


Waste of $....never saw all completed division results from BATC...still see nothing for cheersport & we are on way there....would like to see teams coming....used to see several upcoming competitions listed & now only one..maybe two with zero info...

Lots of missing info

I knew going in that it was just Worlds teams so that's not my complaint. My complaint is all of the missing scores for teams. I tweeted and asked - where are Day 2 scores? Response I got back was - if you have the scoresheets, send em and we'll post them....Um... No! - people pay $5 for this app. Not much job to do your work.

Not happy with this app!!!

I don't agree with the fact that everyone has to pay for this app but you only show worlds teams scores. All levels should be posted.

No use if you want information on lower level teams

Twitter account does not specify which teams are being covered for the competitions. Response when asking about lack of lower levels scores? "Read the description of the app". Nice.

Don't waste your money

Updates aren't real time, don't update all levels or teams. I guess if you're not a Cheer Media fave your team isn't important.

Great app

This app is exactly what I've been looking the new update 👍🏽

Score! Full Season Use

Loving this new update! The notifications are just what I needed so I can fangirl over my favorite Worlds teams at competitions I can't make! I thought the ads would bother me, but I got a good deal on a hotel room from one of the ads I saw. It's a win win win for me!

Not loading.

I bought this app two days ago and it has 0 content on it. Patiently waiting for help...

Exactly What I Needed

I guess I can't complain about $5 for an app I use when I pay $20 for one bow. I was so tired of looking through twitter to find score results of my girls' Level 5 team. Finally, I can just get notifications when that team performs. I know most of the content on the app is level 5 content, but it was the same way on twitter, so I didn't really expect to see the other teams I would like to follow. All said, this app is much better than following him on twitter.

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